Spectrum News 1 (Cincinnati): Bengals, NFL promote diversity in sports medicine

Oct 16, 2023

For the second year, the NFL is hosting medical students across the league to promote and increase diversity in the sports medicine field. For the Cincinnati Bengals, their student is wrapping up her month-long rotation and is making the most of this opportunity. It’s a job many only dream of- but for fourth-year medical student Alex Williams, she’s getting a taste of what it’s like being on the Bengals medical team.

“Yeah, I’m like I’m right here!” Williams said of her experience. “Like it’s amazing.”

During her month-long rotation, Williams shadows team physicians, trainers and other medical staff as they show her the ropes.

“It’s such a great experience,” Williams said. “Much more than I expected, what I could have asked for. Everyone that I interacted with has been amazing from players, all the staff, the doctors.”

The NFL’s diversity in sports medicine pipeline initiative started last year in an effort to increase the number of students interested in the sports medicine field, hoping to bring more diversity to NFL medical staffs in the future. For Bengals team physician Dr. Bret Betz, he said this program is invaluable.

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