Arthur C. Rettig, M.D. Award for Academic Excellence

Excellence in Academic Research

The Arthur C. Rettig Award was established in 2014 to recognize an NFL team physician for excellence in academic research and advancing the health and safety of players in the National Football League. Dr. Arthur Rettig is a highly respected orthopedic surgeon who specialized in sports medicine and disorders of the upper extremities. Now retired, Dr. Rettig was a leading member of the Colts medical staff since the team arrived in Indianapolis in 1984.

2023 Dr. Leslie Bisson Buffalo Bills
2022 Dr. Joseph C. Maroon Pittsburgh Steelers
2020 Dr. Asheesh Bedi Detroit Lions
2019 Dr. James Bradley Pittsburgh Steelers
2018 Dr. Scott Rodeo New York Giants
2017 Dr. Timothy McAdams San Francisco 49ers
2016 Dr. Dan Cooper Dallas Cowboys
2015 Dr. Robert Brophy St. Louis Rams
2014 Dr. Robert C. Anderson Carolina Panthers

Jerry “Hawk” Rhea Award

Outstanding NFL Team Physician of the Year

Jerry “Hawk” Rhea Award for Outstanding NFL Team Physician is presented annually by PFATS (Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society) to a member of the NFLPS. First awarded in 1998, it is named for Jerry Rhea who was the Head Athletic Trainer for the Atlanta Falcons from 1969 until 1994 and worked as Assistant to the President of the Falcons from 1994 to 2001.  Jerry Rhea was the first winner, in 1998, of the Fain-Cain Memorial Award for outstanding NFL Athletic Trainer of the year, awarded annually by the NFL team physicians.

2023 Dr. Scott Rodeo New York Giants
2022 Dr. James E. Muntz Houston Texans
2020 Dr. Robert A. Heyer Carolina Panthers
2019 Dr. Sheldon Burns Minnesota Vikings
2018 Dr. Walt Lowe Houston Texans
2017 Dr. James Andrews Washington Commanders
2016 Dr. Robert C. Anderson Carolina Panthers
2015 Dr. Elliot B Hershman New York Jets
2014 Dr. Jim Bradley Pittsburgh Steelers
2013 Dr. Daniel Cooper Dallas Cowboys
2012 Dr. Theodore Schlegel Denver Broncos
2011 Dr. Patrick J. McKenzie Green Bay Packers
2010 Dr. Robert Heidt Cincinnati Bengals
2009 Dr. Anthony Yates Pittsburgh Steelers
2008 Dr. Michael Dillingham San Francisco 49ers
2007 Dr. Walter Timperman Cincinnati Bengals
2007 Dr. Allan M Levy New York Giants
2006 Dr. Timothy Finney New Orleans Saints
2005 Dr. David Fischer Minnesota Vikings
2004 Dr. Russell Warren New York Giants
2003 Dr. Arthur Rettig Indianapolis Colts
2002 Dr. Bertram Zarins New England Patriots
2001 Dr. Charles Harrison Atlanta Falcons
2000 Dr. Charles Brown New Orleans Saints
1999 Dr. John Bergfeld Cleveland Browns
1998 Dr. Don Knowlan Washington Commanders

Fain-Cain Memorial Award

Outstanding NFL Athletic Trainer of the Year

The Fain-Cain award is named for Dr. Thomas E. Cain and Dr. Robert H. Fain, long time team physicians for the old Houston Oilers. The award was established shortly after Dr. Cain’s death and Dr. Fain’s retirement. Both physicians exhibited long term commitments to the NFL and exemplary performances. The award is given annually by the NFLPS to an NFL athletic trainer who manifests these traits.

2023 Jeff Ferguson Jacksonville Jaguars
2022 Todd Toriscelli Tennessee Titans
2021 Rick Burkholder Kansas City Chiefs
2020 Paul Sparling Cincinnati Bengals
2019 Jim Whalen New England Patriots
2018 Dave Hammer Indianapolis Colts
2017 Jim Maurer Dallas Cowboys
2016 Ryan Vermillion Carolina Panthers
2015 John Norwig Pittsburgh Steelers
2014 Kevin O’Neill Miami Dolphins
2013 Pepper Burruss Green Bay Packers
2012 H. Rod Martin Oakland Raiders
2011 Steve Antonopulos Denver Broncos
2010 Bill Tessendorf Baltimore Ravens
2009 Hunter Smith Indianapolis Colts
2008 John Omohundro Arizona Cardinals
2007 David C. Kendall Kansas City Chiefs
2007 Ron O’Neil New England Patriots
2006 Scottie Patton New Orleans Saints
2006 Kevin Mangum New Orleans Saints
2006 Duane Brooks New Orleans Saints
2005 Lindsy McLean San Francisco 49ers
2004 Bubba Tyer Washington Commanders
2003 Ronnie Barnes New York Giants
2002 Jim Whitesel Seattle Seahawks
2001 Dean Kleinschmidt New Orleans Saints
2000 Kent Falb Detroit Lions
1999 Fred Zamberletti Minnesota Vikings
1998 Jerry “Hawk” Rhea Atlanta Falcons


NFLPS and PFATS Presidents’ Award 

The NFLPS and PFATS Presidents’ Award is given to an individual or group has shown exemplary service and dedication in the medical field.

2023 Robert Anderson Green Bay Packers
2022 Medical Staffs Buffalo Bills & Cincinnati Bengals
2021 Allen Sills NFL