Reuters: Super Doctors Ready but Happy to Stay on Super Bowl Sidelines

Feb 10, 2023

Damar Hamlin put NFL medical staff in the spotlight but while they are ready to spring into action during Sunday’s Super Bowl to deal with anything from cardiac arrest to delivering a baby they would much prefer to stay on the sidelines. Emergency medical staff working NFL games operate largely unnoticed until called upon as they were on Jan. 2 when Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest making a tackle. The Buffalo Bills safety had to have his heart restarted on the field in front of a full stadium and millions of television viewers. The audience for Sunday’s clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will be a global one and the NFL’s celebrated emergency staff would prefer not to be part of the action. ‘Most emergency physicians, just by their training and demeanor, tend to not seek the limelight,’ NFL Emergency Preparedness consultant Dr. Jim Ellis told Reuters during a tour of Glendale stadium’s medical facilities on Thursday. ‘They are not your ‘Doc Hollywoods’ that are out there in front of the camera, they just want to do their job and do it for all the right reasons. Do I worry about things? Of course I do. I come to every game thinking worse case scenario but I’m confident we have the people on the field to manage those worse case scenarios.’ For the NFL’s medical team there can be no fumbles.

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