News4JAX: Different approach this offseason for Jaguars team doctor Kaplan

News4JAX: Different approach this offseason for Jaguars team doctor Kaplan

Apr 13, 2020

With travel restricted and team facilities closed around the league, NFL teams are being forced to adapt. With the draft just a few weeks away Jaguars team doctor Kevin Kaplan is normally busy right now, but he says this offseason is just different.

“We are used to ramping up right now,” Kaplan said. “Once the combine starts, we are looking at players; usually we have those 30 visits and rookies come in they can invite.”

With the NFL putting a halt to all team visits and physicals, Kaplan is having to change his approach to evaluating players’ medical history and even work with other team doctors from around the league.

“Is there ways to gather information with us not being right next to the athlete? Can we speak to someone who is working out with him? Can they give us information? Are there other scouts that know the information?,” Kaplan said.

“The NFL physicians really are a collaborative group and I know its us vs. another team. But in terms of the medical information, we really are a collaborative group.”

The evaluation process isn’t the only thing that will be different this year. With team facilities closed, the Jaguars will have to find a new space to set up their draft headquarters.

“I haven’t heard as of yet what we are going to do, but obviously it is going to be different,” Kaplan said. “Sitting in a boardroom full of people is not something the NFL is going to allow. Am I going to have all my charts with me in my office or my house and be doing things through Skype or Zoom?”