NBC 10 (Philadelphia): Philly medical student teams up with Jets in partnership program that uplifts diversity

Nov 14, 2023

Now a first for a Philadelphia medical student and the Sidney Kimmel Medical College. The NFL has created partnerships with medical schools to increase its diversity pipeline. It brings up-and-coming physicians to the athletes, so everyone can get a better understanding of the needs of players and doctors. NBC 10’s Deanna Durante shows us this Philly student is now teaming up with the Jets.

Azra Dees said, “No matter how close you get in the stands, it’s not like standing on the sidelines and seeing the football players play in realtime.”

Azra is about as close as you can get to those players.

“So I’m usually present for that when they’re doing examinations and talking to them about treatment strategies. Gameday, when I’m there on the sideline my job is to stick with the doctors”

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