Dr. Robert Anderson Honored by NFL Physicians and Athletic Trainers at Awards Ceremony

Feb 29, 2024

PFATS Pres Bryan Engel, Robert Anderson, MD  and former NFLPS President Tim McAdams, MD


(Indianapolis, IN — February 28, 2024) – The NFL Physicians Society (NFLPS) and the Professional Football Athletic Trainers (PFATS) honored Dr. Robert Anderson, Team Physician for the Green Bay Packers with its Presidents’ Award for his decades of dedicated service to both organizations and the NFL players at the Annual Scientific Meeting during the NFL Scouting Combine. The special award was given to him in recognition of his incredible expertise in sports foot and ankle orthopedic surgery while working with the Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers.

Anderson currently works with the Green Bay Packers but has a long-standing 18 year relationship with the Carolina Panthers. He was named a 2023 Top Doctor by Charlotte Magazine and has received various other awards for his work and groundbreaking research. He currently serves on two NFL medical committees, including the Musculoskeletal Committee and the Foot and Ankle Subcommittee of the NFL Injury and Safety Panel. Anderson was named Outstanding NFL Team Physician of the Year in 2016. He also received the Arthur C. Rettig Award for Academic Excellence in 2014.

“On behalf of the PFATS, we would like to congratulate Dr. Bob Anderson as this year’s recipient of the Presidents’ Award. Dr. Anderson is a true trailblazer in the medical profession who has impacted the way we define, treat, rehabilitate, and surgically intervene to repair the injured foot and ankle. During his tenure, he has cared for both athletes from all skill levels and non-athletes. Dr. Anderson is a very humble and unassuming world-renowned physician, and the profession of athletic training has benefited greatly from working alongside him through his knowledge, research and education. Dr. Anderson continues to influence the safety of players in the NFL with his work and the Musculoskeletal and Foot and Ankle Task Forces. He is not only a pioneer in his profession, but also a dedicated part of the success of the sport of professional football. PFATS could not be more excited to celebrate Dr. Anderson with this award,” said Bryan “Flea” Engel, President of PFATS and Director of Sports Medicine / Head Athletic Trainer for the Green Bay Packers.

“Bob Anderson is a doctor’s doctor. When anyone has a foot or ankle issue, Bob is on speed dial. Beyond his skills as a surgeon, Bob is just a wonderful person – kind, caring, compassionate. His dedication and service to athletes and physicians is bar none. I am proud to give him this award on behalf of the NFLPS and PFATS,” said Dr. Tim McAdams NFLPS President and Head Team Physician for the San Francisco 49ers.

“My time with Bob Anderson began back in 1979 when we both started our careers in medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin. From the time of our first encounter, I was incredibly impressed with his knowledge and work ethic.  To put this in perspective on Friday nights our group would gather to socialize and have a few drinks. Bob was great and often the life of the party. However, it wasn’t infrequent that when the party was about to take off, we couldn’t find Bob.  Turns out he quietly left and went back to the anatomy lab. That work ethic has never changed and continues to drive him today. When we finished residency and decided on our fellowships. I was surprised that Bob did not go into sports medicine, but instead went into foot and ankle. However, once again, he had envisioned what that specialty could become. With Bob’s knowledge and work ethic he has totally changed the subspecialty of foot and ankle surgery. Without question Bob has become the premiere Foot and Ankle surgeon in the country. I was blessed to have grown up with him and for my entire career he was the foot and ankle surgeon for the Green Bay Packers,” said Dr. Patrick McKenzie, head team physician, Green Bay Packers.

“I had the privilege and honor of working alongside Bob Anderson for over 24 years when we provided care for the Carolina Panthers. He was incredible to work with, learn from and is a true professional. Bob is truly one in a million. His reputation as the sports foot and ankle doctor is well deserved. Beyond his skills as a doctor, he’s a true and generous friend. I am delighted that he is getting this prestigious award from the NFLPS and PFATS,” said Patrick M. Connor, MD, former NFLPS President and long-time Head Team Physician of the Carolina Panthers.